McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwiches: English Muffins or Buns? The Surprising Truth Revealed

When it comes to McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches, there’s a long-standing debate that has puzzled fast food enthusiasts for years: English muffins or buns? While most of McDonald’s menu items are served on buns, their breakfast sandwiches are a notable exception. But why is this the case? Let’s delve into the surprising truth behind this culinary choice.

The History of McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwiches

McDonald’s first introduced breakfast sandwiches to their menu in 1972 with the debut of the Egg McMuffin. This iconic sandwich, created by Herb Peterson, a McDonald’s franchise owner, was served on an English muffin rather than a traditional bun. Peterson was inspired by Eggs Benedict and wanted to create a fast food version of the dish. The English muffin was chosen to mimic the texture and taste of the traditional English muffin used in Eggs Benedict.

Why English Muffins?

English muffins have a distinct texture and flavor that sets them apart from regular buns. They are denser and chewier, which helps to hold the sandwich together and prevent it from becoming soggy. Additionally, English muffins have a slightly sour taste that complements the other ingredients in the sandwich, such as the savory sausage and the rich, creamy egg.

Are There Any Exceptions?

While the majority of McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches are served on English muffins, there are a few exceptions. For instance, the McGriddles sandwiches are served on sweet, maple-flavored griddle cakes. Additionally, in some regions, customers can choose to have their breakfast sandwich served on a biscuit or a bagel instead of an English muffin.

The Verdict

So, does McDonald’s serve its breakfast sandwiches on English muffins instead of buns? The answer is yes. The choice to use English muffins was a deliberate one, made to enhance the flavor and texture of the sandwiches. While there are a few exceptions, the English muffin remains the standard for McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches.


In conclusion, the choice of English muffins over buns for McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches is not a random decision, but a carefully considered one. The unique texture and flavor of the English muffin contribute to the overall taste experience of the sandwich, making it a beloved breakfast choice for millions of people worldwide. So, next time you bite into a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, take a moment to appreciate the humble English muffin that holds it all together.