C’mo preserve ginger

Small delights of married life

I'm going to have a intimacy of home. The Doctor belongs to a family very numerous.

I'm not talking about 3 brothers, believe me that is VERY large. When you leave the house, it is usual that I will asked to fill the pantry: bring milk, lack the yogurt, Coconut, bring some onions to the back.

He believes that do it just to annoy. I suspect it is possible. And I'm still asking.


The first time in my life that I asked for something, it was little that we knew each other.

“Traeme tuna,” I said.

And I brought a can of tuna. Of a kilo.

A kilo of tuna! what do I do with a kilo of tuna?

I don't even know where he got a can so big, never had seen something as well.

The issue is that, if I am not explicit with the amount of product that I request, the Doctor brings me a meal for a regiment of infantry. Thing that I aduzco to his large family.

I care a lot about this, because I've had to throw away food, give away food and make preserves to the force. Better to prevent than cure.

Every so often, I forget the topic. Or it seems to me obvious clarification and not make it.

Yesterday he arrived complaining of how expensive it had cost my order. Immediately, I suspected. And I was not wrong.

I have a root of ginger the size of my arm. This is what I found out about how to preserve it.

How to preserve ginger

2 ways

dry ginger

One of the possibilities is to dry the ginger. This is the most durable (up to 2 years). To do this you must:

1) Wash well the root.

2) Pelarla (I don't take never to the skin, so don't pelaría)

3) Cut in slices well thin, with a sharp knife or with a pelapapas.

4) Put it in a dehydrator about 3-4 hours or in a tray in the sun, between 3 and 7 days, depending on the climate of the city and of the humidity. If optás for the latter, it is best to enter the trays at night, so that they don't “soften” the dew.

5) Then store in jars airtight or paper bags.


freezing ginger: I prefer I

The other possibility is to freeze the ginger. I used this because I like the fresh ginger over the dry. The steps are:

1) Wash the ginger.

2) Cut it into slices, it is best that they are of different size, then choose at the time of use.

3) Put in a bag and into the freezer.


Another advantage of this method is that the ginger is easy to grate when it is frozen (I didn't know!). In addition, it thaws very quickly, in about 10-15 min. at room temperature. At the end, thanks to one of the exaggerations of the Doctor I come to decide pa what to have the ginger in there jerking old man in the fridge being able to make the Walt Disney.

*I dedicate this post, of course, my army of brothers-in-law and concuñados. I suspect that this story is repeated in several continents.