C’mo make a hanging pots

So nice I stayed-that I can not give you “the recipe”. Take note, it is very easy:



you should have almost all this in your home

  • 8 metres of a string that you like (can be rope, cotton, etc)
  • 1 metallic ring
  • Scissors
  • The pot and plant in question (I used a bowl of ceramic, on another occasion, a cup).



modus operandi

1. Cut the 8 meters in 4 strips of 2 meters each. Pass through the metallic ring and leave half of each side.
Do you think long? It is not, I tell you from experience. Do not use less.




2. Secure with a single knot the laces as seen in the photo.






3. Make knots every 2 lace-up, all at the same height. Approximately 5-10cm. below the middle of the laces.





4. Perform again knots every 2 lace-up, but alternating the laces that were used before, as seen in the photo. To about 10cm. away from the other.





5. Secure the end with a knot between all the beads.






6. Emprolijar the tips of the laces with fire, if this is acrylic.






And so it was my pot pendant

I did it for the bathroom